5/6 mths ago

5/6 mths ago, I saw this pair of trendy leggings in Cotton On…I liked it so much but somehow I couldnt even Squeeze into it….it was frustrating. I told myself give me 6 more months & Ill make sure it will be Mine and hopefully by then it will still be around. TODAY it is officially Mine…sooo happy it is still around and it fit me really well as u guys can see!..GOD is good…Those of you who know me long enough know my Weight Loss Journey has been a v v Tough, Heartbreaking one…It was like a Death sentence when i had to be on Pregabalin and Nortriptylin…my Morale was rock bottom. And it was really Heartbreaking to see yourself from a Beauty Pagaent Finalist figure to what is in front of you in the mirror…I cant believe that it was possible to actually shed 17kg in 1.5yrs when i still need the drugs. More IMPORTANTLY, I wish to add in that this Condition has HUMBLED me alot. I was kinda proud during my Pagaent days, walked around with my Nose in the air(Literally) and didnt even make time for God…This Condition has changed me…FOR THE BETTER…I think on top of Physical Beauty, its more important to possess Inner beauty and i guess ething happens for a reason tho its HORRIBLE to end up with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome(FBSS)….I just hope I’ll be Remembered Not only for my Physical Beauty but also for my INNER beauty and the LOVE that I share with the People around me – ALL OF U….This HEART OF MINE has so much LOVE TO GIVE…Peace….Muacks….Xxxxxx